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Welcome to SKP Global Medicines Pvt. Ltd.

SKP Global Medicines Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2009 by a team of veterans with extensive experience in multi speciality medicines.

Having worked on a painstaking basis with outstanding practitioners in the specialized fields of Oncology, Nephrology and Gastroenterology among others, the team was ideally suited to lead the way in pharmaceutical drugs supply in India and pioneer methods and systems that would set a new benchmark in the industry.

Needless to say, we are today considered among the forerunners in this highly demanding and challenging field.

Mission Statement

We aim to be the most reliable and trusted supplier of high quality medicines to customers in every corner of the world.

We will strive for excellence and customer satisfaction through our enduring commitment and lifelong promise of unsurpassed quality in everything that we do.

Humane Approach
Our Business

We are a top notch supplier of drugs related to a diverse range of medical treatments. We deal in both pharmaceutical tablets as well as injectables and are authorized channel partners of all major domestic as well as international drug manufacturers.

We are deeply trusted by clients in India as well as overseas and handle bulk orders with great finesse.

Our Ethos

Our duty to our customers is the overarching theme that guides all our actions at SKP Global Medicines Pvt. Ltd..

We are driven by a deep desire to achieve our goals and provide an exemplary level of service that will redefine the benchmark of customer satisfaction in the world.

Our Forte

With a highly advanced and sophisticated cold storage system that can compete with the best pharmaceutical giants in the world, we are exceptionally proficient in handling temperature sensitive medicines.

Our modus operandi is considered by industry experts to be at par with international standards and our excellent storage systems ensure that all drugs are handled properly in a scientific manner. Quarterly audits from external agencies ensure the highest level of quality in all our operations and systems.

Our Clientele

With highly satisfied customers in 16 countries across the globe, we can effectively say that the world is our oyster. Our customers trust us to provide excellent quality medicines within the timelines specified and we never let them down.

In India, we are major suppliers to private, semi-government and government institutes across the country. Our list of domestic and international customers has been steadily growing through the years.

Our Team

We have an extremely well-qualified and highly trained staff that guarantees proper care and maintenance of the potentially life-saving drugs that we handle.

Our team is unwavering in its duty to fulfill our customers' requirement and strive to go out of their way to deliver the high level of service that is expected from every employee at SKP Global Medicines Pvt. Ltd..

Our Virtues
  •   Experienced leadership
  •   Unparalleled modus operandi
  •   World-class cold storage facility
  •   Highly trained staff with a scientific mindset
  •   Unwavering commitment to satisfaction
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